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Rodney, I was thinking about thank. I'm curious about memory and it's function as we age. I wonder how much grammar and spelling plays into the equation. There are many who never learned proper grammar while attending school. No need to point fingers, let's just say it happens. There are others who were given every opportunity to learn and did comprehend most of the principles. Just as most things, if you don't use it you loose it. When you brought up think and thank, at first I had to question the difference. Thinking about it just a little I realized the simple equation. Thank is to show appreciation or gratitude. Think is a mental exercise.

I wonder as we age if grammar is an equation in memory degradation or is it a factor that too few challenge or correct the older generation out of respect. What I said earlier holds true. I think grammar and spelling corrections should be done discretely, but also believe people should be motivated to speech freely. The grammar police often intimidates people from sharing their thoughts in an open forum.

There are a couple ideas in this thread. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of them. Thank you.

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