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from Scott [the Author] on 2013-06-01 07:21
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Cable News Network took American media to a new level in George H. W. Bush's war in Iraq. This thought is not intended to justify or degrade the war, it is meant to illustrate how fear and sensationalism denies the opportunity to ask important questions. Sensationalism may have paid a larger part in the first war in Iraq. The extremist act of 9/11 attack gave opportunity to use fear as a political agent.

It's questionable if the United State's cable news network is an arm of a political conspiracy. It didn't appear that George H. W. Bush coerced the media. In the era of George W. Bush a cable news network existed with an agenda to advance a single political party. Some call the media liberal. Liberal is not a political party, it's a belief in the dignity of the hole. A liberal nation inspires to be a democratic nation. In opposition to a democracy is a power structure called an oligarchy. Oligarchy is better suited to describe today's American media.

German National Socialism was able to lead civil society to commit high atrocities. Hitler succeeded in leading a nation and the countries it defeated to commit atrocities by eliminating competing thoughts. The German nation nominated Hitler based on a wave of economic successes. Through unquestioned authority, Hitler eliminated intellectual debate. Hitler did not destroy democracy. In this YouTube association Ernst Janning explains how blind patriotism flourished through fear, sensationalism, and ignorance.

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